Consumer advice

All of our members’ appliances are supplied with manuals or instruction leaflets and further information is usually available on their websites. However AMDEA also provides some general advice through our Guides and Codes of Practice:

Guidance on Customer Care

This supersedes the previous Code of Practice on the Servicing of Domestic Appliances and provides information about guarantees and servicing.

Guidance On The Advisability Of Carrying Out A ‘Maintenance Wash’

This short guide explains why you might want to carry out occasional high temperature washes.

Guidance OnThe Use Of Refrigerators, Freezers And Combined Fridge freezers In A Garage Or Shed

This explains why standard refrigeration appliances in garages or sheds might be at risk of defrosting.

Appliances In Bathrooms And Shower Rooms

This advises householders and installers on the correct wiring of electrical appliances for use in ‘wet’ environments such as a bath or shower room.


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