Time to Change

This research-based initiative aims to encourage owners of old and energy-hungry appliances to consider trading them in for newer, more energy-efficient models.

Using data from authoritative independent sources Time to Change provides a calculator to show the energy savings that can be made by trading in major kitchen appliances for new energy efficient models. According to the calculator a 2012 fridge-freezer would save about £50 worth of electricity a year compared to a ten year-old 2002 model. In a real life test of a 20-year-old fridge freezer the savings were over £100/year.

The amount of electricity saved is directly proportional to the energy and CO2 emission savings so there are also considerable benefits for the environment. Only 20% of the energy used in making and running a fridge-freezer is consumed by the manufacturing and disposal processes compared with 80% by its use, so switching to a modern appliance really makes sense on environmental and cost grounds.

We believe that the replacement of old and energy-hungry domestic appliances with new efficient ones can make a significant impact on household bills and greenhouse gas emissions and that this should be supported by Government and other bodies.

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