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Industry Information

The domestic appliance industry is large and dynamic with one or more appliances in almost every home in the country. It is also international with some companies siting their research and development arms in the UK, others marketing or manufacturing here and some working through agents to provide their products to the consumer.

The electrical appliance retail industry (large & small appliances) is estimated to have revenues of over £8.2m 2017 in the UK alone. Approximately 51.5% of appliances are sold through store based retailers, some of which also have an online presence. The share taken by online only players has grown rapidly recently and now occupies 39.5% of the share. Non retail channels such as construction and builders merchants holds approx. 9% of the share. This intense competition ensures keen prices for consumers.

The industry prioritises safety and AMDEA’s Register my appliance initiative aims to improve ownership data on the millions of appliances in use in UK homes, to ensure that they can be found if a safety repair is needed. Check our safety repair and recall list.