Market Information

Most sectors of the UK market for domestic appliances are mature, with very high levels of ownership. Ownership of fridge-freezers, fridges or freezers and of washing machines is near universal at 96-97% of homes; with microwaves only slightly behind at 92%.

Source: Office for National Statistics % of Households with Durable Goods 1970-2010 Table A45

Tumble dryers are owned by 57% of UK households and dishwashers by 40%. Dishwashers have shown the fastest growth of the major appliances – increasing from 25% to 40% of households between 2000 and 2010.

The market is now focused on replacement products. This is largely driven by buyers moving home. Other reasons may be changing needs, for example having children; a desire to change the look of the kitchen; the arrival of innovations; or increasingly concerns about energy and water efficiency.

Research undertaken as part of our Time to Change Campaign  for example showed that replacing a 20 year old fridge freezer with a new A+ model saved the owner £100 a year and almost three quarters of a ton of CO2 emissions.


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