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Safety - AMDEA


As well as EU legislation to require products to be safe (such as the Low Voltage Directive and the Gas Appliances Regulation), there are the General Product Safety Regulations which specify how companies must monitor the ongoing safety of their appliances, including how to deal with any safety issues that arise. In addition to Europe-wide guidance from Prosafe, in the UK there is a BSI Publicly Available Specification – PAS 7100: 2018 Consumer product safety related recalls and other corrective actions.

UK legislation is supported by standards and AMDEA staff and members are heavily involved in developing and revising these standards both in BSI committees and working groups and in the European Standards Bodies such as CENELEC and the international ones such as IEC. Now that the UK has left the EU we can expect some divergence of UK requirements which may place additional burdens upon producers who wish to sell their products in the UK. AMDEA works to minimise divergence and promote the benefit of harmonised and common standards.

All AMDEA members adhere to a Code of Practice which ensures that their products are designed, tested and manufactured to be compliant with safety requirements laid down by European Directives, UK Regulations, British and European Standards. Many members also have their products voluntarily tested and approved by independent third-party approval bodies and have their facilities approved to ISO quality management system standards.

AMDEA members often initiate changes to safety standards, and are actively involved in improving product designs in order to raise consumer protection above current safety standards. ‘Register My Appliance’ is a cross industry initiative, supported by UK Government and key stakeholders such as UK Fire Brigades.

AMDEA set up and runs the ‘Register My Appliance’ portal which promotes the benefit of product registration from a safety perspective. This is a cross industry initiative, supported by UK Government and key stakeholders such as UK Fire Brigades. For more information click here: