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Our Purpose

Our core values are:

  • To be Relevant, Credible and Influential in everything we do.
  • Deliver a strong Value Proposition for all members, irrespective of size and sector
  • Seen as a “must be part of” membership organisation
  • The ‘Go To’ organisation for all matters Domestic Appliances for our stakeholders
  • Maximising % of revenue spent on member value generating activities – scalable and efficient organisational structure and platforms

Our purpose is to represent our members’ interests. To help enable the most productive marketplace for their collective business activities. We aim to make the UK a great place for our members to do business; helping to ensure that the full benefit of the products and technology in which our members invest is understood by their customers, enhancing the lives of users.

We are committed to helping our members grow by:

  • Promoting the value creation of our industry, raising awareness of how consumer’s lives can be
    improved through the use of the latest appliance technology.
  • Leading on the development of standards and regulation that support innovation, whilst protecting
    against risk and cost.
  • Enabling the development of industry networks, bringing the various stakeholders together, across
    industry, government and supporting bodies, working in partnership to deliver exceptional products and

Industry Promotion

Creation an execution of positive industry narratives on:

  • Energy efficient appliances linked to energy labelling changes
  • Circular economy, encouraging appliance replacement,  upgrades and giving confidence regarding responsible and environmentally sustainable recycling
  • Raising awareness of benefits of appliance registration and collaborative industry partnerships to raise the % of users who register

Standards & Regulation

Creation an execution of positive industry narratives on:
Leading on development of Standards and Regulations that meet industry requirements relating to innovation, performance, quality, safety, risk and cost. Working with the following key stakeholders:

  • BSI
  • APPLiA
  • EU Commission
  • UK Government Departments
  • Industry Bodies
  • Consumer Interrest Groups


Providing access to key stakeholders via a governance framework:

  • Government stakeholder departments: BEIS, Defra, DCMS, OPSS, DIT, Home Office
  • Stakeholder topics: policy, safety, regulations and compliance, standards, WEEE, circular economy, media

COVID-19 – Business recovery action plan

Standards and Regulation that impact electrical devices (EU and UK)

EU Withdrawal Bill

  • Providing information and clarity on changes
  • Lobbying on behalf of members’ requirements
  • Influencing the outcomes of UK divergence
  • NI Protocol impact and compliance
  • FTA

Appliance Registration – Increasing overall registration levels

Energy Labelling – Revised Scale

Circular Economy – Re-use, Repair, Recycling, Reducing WEEE costs

Market Statistics – Market sell-in statistics service