Washing Wisely

Some tips to save on washing!


Drum up savings

Never fill the drum? New washing machines can detect half and quarter loads of laundry and fill accordingly, check your instruction manual to see if yours has this technology. If you regularly need half-load washes you could be saving £57 over the year on energy, water and detergent.


Spare those hands

A dishwasher uses about 15 litres when washing up 15 place settings, whereas washing by hand wastes 126 litres. Save £46 on your water bill by ditching those marigolds and filling your dishwasher.

Keep it tip top

Clean filter: If you’re getting residue on your dishes after a wash, a clogged filter could be the problem so make sure you regularly wash it – its job is to stop leftover food getting into the pump. Take out bottom tray and lift the cylindrical filter out then wash it in warm water. Job done. Cleaning that filter protects the pump, which could save you £100 for the supply and fit of a new one.

Clean spray arms: Buying new spray arms for your machine is pretty reasonable but why pay anything if you can keep them tiptop by cleaning them every month in warm water? They tend to get blocked with food like rice and sweetcorn. Simply pull low tray out and lift the two spray arms out to clean.


Tumble dryers do cost a bit to run but you’ll be saving a substantial amount – over £130 a year — in running costs if you pay that bit extra and buy a a heat pump dryer instead of a condenser. Otherwise ensure you use dryer a bit less and combine it with some good old fashioned air drying.

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