Cleaning Up

Some tips when Cleaning up!

Vacuum cleaners are cheap to run which is very welcome news, costing as little as £7 a year which is half the amount they cost a decade ago. However, our experts have even more ingenious ways to cut down on running costs:

Make yours a “shoes off” home, to reduce need to vacuum

Only use “turbo” on your vacuum cleaner when absolutely necessary, which is never on hard floors, as it uses more energy. On cordless models you will drain the battery faster and have to recharge more frequently.

Savings to make you sing in the shower

Be electric

If you’re serious about saving money on your daily showers, electric showers are the way forward, they can save you up to £134 a year compared to a mixer shower connected to an A-rated combi boiler.

5 minute rule

But even if you don’t have an electric shower you can save money by showering a few minutes less each day, in fact just by making sure the members of your household have an efficient 5 minute stint can save £108 annually. This is the carbon saving equivalent to 312 full loads of washing dried in a 9kg tumble dryer, 100,000 plastic drinking straws and driving 500 miles in a car.

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