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Cool Ways to Save

Learn some great ways to save!

Combat food waste

As a nation we pour £600k of milk down the drain daily. Use your fridge right and you can ensure you don’t waste food and money!

Store food in the allocated areas that new fridge technology provides. For example, lower temperature zones and salad bins with moisture control keep certain foods in the perfect preservation environment and extends the life of those items.

Minimise door opening! The temperature inside a fridge rises significantly each time the door is opened. Make sure you shut the door when you get your milk out to make a cuppa.

Utilise easy access shelves, pull out shelves and folding shelves to ensure no food items are forgotten at the ‘back of the fridge’ and end up in the bin.

Look forward to smart technology that will eventually enable use-by dates to be scanned allowing the fridge to warn their owner to eat up.

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